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Jet Set Concrete Restore
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Jet Set Concrete Restore is an ultra-high performance, multi-purpose polymerized repair product for:

  1. Structural patches and repairs for all concrete where high performance and ease of use are necessary.
  2. Slurry Coat for tough and uniform coating on all concrete.

Mix as a thick putty for patches. Mix to desired viscosity for slurry coating. Jet Set Concrete Restore applies from any thickness to feather edge. (see Instructions)


JET SET CONCRETE RESTORE is a cementitious, high performance product which is modified with polymers, plasticizers and proprietary additives that enhance performance under adverse conditions. It is engineered to meet virtually all of a contractors repair needs. It primarily has two general applications.

It is a high performance, non-shrink, hard structural patch for any size repair, small to large. It can be applied in any thickness to feather edge, all in the same patch.

It can be mixed to slurry consistency to be applied as a coating and repair for small defects, holes, cracks and spalling. As a slurry, it is also used for cosmetic uniform finishes. It will dry to a hard, water resistant finish.

For health hazard issues and handling precautions, please consult the "MSDS".

JET SET CONCRETE RESTORE is a very forgiving product. The application viscosity can vary greatly with little effect on strength. Make a putty for deep repairs and general patching needs. Mix to a slurry consistency for coating.

JET SET CONCRETE RESTORE is packaged in 50 lb poly-lined moisture resistant bags.

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