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JET SET LEVELER is a high-performance polymerized self-leveling underlayment engineered for indoor use. Leveler can be used for:

  • Leveling uneven surfaces
  • Smoothing pitted concrete surfaces
  • Providing a level substrate for carpeting, tile, epoxy and other floor surfacing systems

It is a polymer modified, pumpable and designed to produce a smooth flat surface without troweling. It can be troweled to a feather edge. Leveler has a 15-minute working time at 70 degrees F and an in-service time of 4 hours for foot traffic under normal conditions.

Mix to a smooth consistency. Leveler can be applied up to 1 inch thick.


For health hazard issues and handling precautions, please consult the "MSDS".

Jet Set Leveler is packaged in 40 lb. poly-lined moisture resistant bags.
For complete instructions on application and usage, see product bag.

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